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Elite Visa

We take care of everything!

How long does the Elite visa application process take?
The process can take 1-4 months

What documents are required?
- Copy of ID page of passport (valid for at least 1 year on date of registration) - Color photograph, high resolution file - Completed application form - Copy of proof of family affiliation Required documents in electronic form are accepted

Why does Thailand Elite require a passport copy?
A copy of the ID page will be sent to the immigration authorities for control and verification.

Does an elite member need to create a 90 day report?
According to Thailand's Immigration Service, Elite card holders are required to do so. Unfortunately, you can't always create a 90-day report if you're staying in Thailand for a longer period of time.

What happens if my passport is only valid for 3 years?
For example, according to the immigration authorities of Thailand, a 5-year elite visa will introduce the 3-year visa and transfer the remaining 2 years to the new passport. Please note that there must be 3 blank pages in the passport when applying.

Can a Thai Elite member open a bank account in Thailand?
Yes, Thailand Elite members can open a bank account.

How to apply for a Thai driving license as an elite member
How long does it take to get a Thai driver's license? - if the participant has a valid driver's license of his country, usually one day - if the participant does not have a valid driver's license of his home country, he must be trained by the Ministry of Land and Transport.

Can I apply directly for elite membership if I stay in Thailand?
In principle, an application can be submitted to us in Thailand.

How to order a transfer service
The member informs the contact center by email or telephone of the service date, flight details and pick-up address. Reservations for the service must be made at least 24 hours prior to pickup. Elite staff will accompany the participant upon arrival from the pier and upon departure from the airline check-in counter until the fast track immigration process is complete. The service is only available for international flights and is currently only available at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

How to Apply for an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)
EPA is Thailand Elite Personal who will assist you at the airport for your flights including fast track, immigration formalities, baggage claim or ect.

How a participant can find out who is an employee of the EPO
EPO staff wear gold uniforms with a plaque bearing the member's name. Service from 6am to midnight

How many hours in advance do you need to book?
No less than 24 hours


Which airports offer the Elite EPA service?
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Chiang Mai International Airport Phuket International Airport


How to request a free spa treatment
Only an Elite Ultimate Privillege and Elite Family Premium member can use the SPA service and make an appointment at the call center


How to get free golf course fees
Members can book golf services at the Elite Service Center. Only Elite Ultimate Privileges and Elite Family Premium members may use the Services.

Can an Elite Visa member work in Thailand?
The participant can apply for a NON-B visa and a work permit in Thailand.

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