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Your PRIVILEGE VISA for a long stay in THAILAND

In partnership with Henley & Partners and under the auspices of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand Elite aims to attract investors, retirees and expatriates to long-term stays through dedicated first class services and exceptional treatments.

Thailand's exclusive residency program gives foreigners the right to reside in the country for up to 20 years.

We advise and support you with the application and accompany you to the VISA pick-up at Bangkok Airport!

There are no additional costs for you.

Contact us!

Why Thailand Agency ?

  • authorized partner of Henley & Partners

  • Personal German-speaking contact person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Sending documents by post or online

  • Support Q&A / filling out the application forms together

  • Accompaniment to the elite visa pick-up Bangkok Airport

  • no other additional fees

  • Assistance in Thailand regarding insurance, real estate, law & notary etc. 

Thailand Elite offers 8 program options, which differ in terms of validity period, service components and costs. The following three are the most popular:

1. Elite Easy Access – a popular option for expats or business people to travel in and out of Thailand  to travel. For a 5-year privileged entry visa, the one-time fee is  THB 600,000 incl. VAT There is no annual fee and there is no age limit. The visa is non-transferrable, but there is an option to upgrade to the Elite Ultimate Privilege option at a price of THB 1,498,000 inc VAT or to the Elite Superiority Extension option at a price of THB 400,000 THB inc VAT.

2. Elite Family Excursion — This program is specifically designed for families of two or more and includes a 5-year resident visa for each member . The one-time fee of THB 800,000 (approx. EUR 23,000) applies to both applicants .

For each additional relative, THB 300,000 (approx. EUR 9,000) is due as a one-time fee. Relatives include legitimate parents, step-parents, spouses (also through registered partnership), children and step-children. There is no annual fee and no age restriction. The residence visa cannot be transferred. The package includes additional privileges such as VIP transfer services for international flights and government concierge services.

3. Elite Superiority Extension20 year residency visa for individuals paying a one-time fee of THB 1,000,000 (approx. EUR 28,000). There is no annual fee and no age restriction. The package includes additional privileges such as government concierge services and VIP transfer services. This means you don't have to wait in line when entering or leaving the country.

Family Elite Visa

Elite Family Alternative I 10 years I THB 800,000 I additional family members THB 700,000 I 
Elite Ultimate Privilege I 20 Years I THB 2,000,000
Elite Family Premium I  in combination with Elite Ultimate Privilege for family members

Elite Privilege Access Visa I 10 years I THB 1,000,000 I additional family member THB 800,000 I

Elite Superiority Extension Visa I 20 years I THB 1,000,000  

Real Estate Elite Visa

Elite Flexible One I Investment of THB 10,000,000 I Property developer list available I Elite Easy Access     5 years free of charge  


Thailand Agentur Elite Card
Privilege Card GOLD

Privilege Card GOLD

Privilege Card PLATIN

Privilege Card PLATIN

Privilege Card DIAMOND

Privilege Card DIAMOND

Privilege Card RESERVE

Privilege Card RESERVE

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